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Every Driving School needs a great instructor. Tony Simcock, who has been director of The Big Red L Company in Folkestone and Hythe since 1990 has the experience, skill and passion to bring out the best in every driver and potential driver. We believe we offer the best value driving lessons and the best results for your test.

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Issues due to COVID

We are through the lockdowns, hopefully there will be no more!

However, this has left huge backlogs of pupils needing to pass

We ask for you patience as driving tests are currently 4 to 6 months away, please check for most current availabilty.

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X covid rules

We keep our cars clean and sanitised for each lesson. For your test youll need a face mask and drive with at least 2 of the car windows open. The examiner will also do some cleaning prior to entering

Introductory Offer

If you're not sure whether we're as good as we say we are, why not getan assessment lesson from us before you make your decision. Our 1.5 hour introduction deal at just £40 is an ideal way to convince you Tony Simcock really is the best driving instructor for YOU .
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X Introductory Offer

Your first 1.5 hours with us are only £40. It can be difficult to know which driving instructor to choose, so why not spend less and give us a try? Then even if you don't like us (though you will!) you have still saved money. To do well at driving you will need to feel comfortable and safe, you'll also need to feel like your making progress every lesson and have clear goals that you are working towards. Tony Simcock will help you with all of this and more

Call us today on 07860 600938 or text us and we can chat through your plans and requirements

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