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Our Driving Instructors

Every Driving Course needs a great instructor. Tony Simcock, who has been conducting operations at The Big Red L Company since 1990 has the experience, skill and passion to bring out the best in every driver and potential driver. We believe we offer the best value and best results.

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Easy Money!

Our Power of 3 scheme means that we will give you £30 for every 3 friends you recommend us to. What's more, if your friends recommend us to others, you will continue getting a cut of the deal.

There has never been easier money earned.

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X Power of 3

The Power of 3 is the result of some inspired work by 3 friends over 3 cups of coffee at a 4 legged table.

It forms a very important part of the marketing initiative of The Big Red L Company and is based on the premise that if we always to do the best for our customers they will do the same for us.

We get dozens of testimonials from happy customers and many of our new pupils say they’ve been recommended by their friends. All we are doing here is encouraging and rewarding what already happens. It’s a bit of fun with potential to earn some easy money.

The Big Red L Company was formed in 1992, was the first UK driving school to receive the Investor in People Award and are now doing very well, thank you very much!

Introductory Offer

The simple fact is you may not have anyone to compare Tony Simcock to; You don't know if he's good or bad; So this 5 hour introduction at just £115 is an ideal way to convince you he really is the best ADI for YOU .
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X Introductory Offer

To do well at driving you will need to feel comfortable and safe, you'll also need to feel like your making progress every lesson and have clear goals that you are working towards. Tony Simcock will help you with all of this and more

Call us today on 01303 279755 or text us on 07860 600938 and we can chat through your plans and requirements

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